Fluid love

Gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual is just a few labels for people’s sexual orientation, I identify as a bisexual lesbian, only because I’ve dated guys in the past otherwise I would identify as a full on lesbian.

Are these a man-made description? Does sexual orientation really exist?

Personally I feel that it does not exist, the human race is capable of fluid love while we fall in love with looks we also fall for someones personality, gender nor sex has a personality. So everyone is capable of love with all genders in the world.

We are all fluid lovers.

“why do you identify as a bisexual lesbian then?”

I have a preference for women and would rather be with a women, but I know that there is a chance I would fall for a man. I personally don’t see a future with a man, as I spoke of in my post sexuality in shoes, being with a man doesn’t fit me entirely.

I hate labeling my self, why should I label my sexual preference. For me I do it because it’s easier on society to say I am this. This world thrives on labels without them society would collapse, which is so sad but its true.

“Why don’t you just call your self a fluid lover?”

Because I don’t as simple as that, technically “fluid love” would be pansexualty but for me I say fluid love means gender or sex does not come into at all, it solely for me means personality. I fall for people’s personalities rather than “look”.

“Rambling get to your point”

To my point of this post, This world created labels for people’s preferences. If you took away looks, blindfolded everyone so no one could see each other, if you spoke with voice changing adapters, you would find people would fall for personality not genders. Its looks that create sexuality not personalities.


Love comes in all shapes and forms.

Embrace It.  





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