Clean space Clean mind

I’m one of those people who are always “tidying” their room and “clearing” out, yet never really does, things just get shoved in cardboard boxes and put under my bed or on top of my wardrobe and shoved in drawers and  everywhere else I can hide the junk that I can’t stand to chuck out. (slight hoarding issue)

I have been meaning to clean and declutter my room for years (properly) but found every reason under the sun not to do it. A few days ago I thought I’d settle down and do some writing ideas were buzzing around my head to the point I was speaking my post out loud (completely sane here), I got my laptop out and looked at my desk that was covered in junk and bits, So I shoved that out the way sat down and everything left my mind I couldn’t think, all I could think about was how clogged up my room was stuff everywhere. I ignored it and thought let’s do some reading from my favorite author yet I couldn’t settle and relax to read the book. My sleep had been even more disrupted.

It finally then dawned on me that perhaps my space Is impacting on my life and mental well-being, I started to clear up in my normal manner and that didn’t help then I was like you know let’s have a proper clear out, like we so often do to our minds and electronics the more clutter things have lurking and taking up space the slower they get, surly the same thing happens without space Ie: house or room, as I started to clear out things that I no longer need but can give away weight was lifted, each item I got rid of more and more weight got lifted.

I keep so much stuff that is useless to stuff that provoke bad memories and it’s that stuff that weighs you down the most, while you may always have those bad memories getting rid of the things you associate with those memories can really help ones psychological well-being.

Everyone should clear out old useless stuff, you honestly will reap the benefits, if you’re like me and struggle to clear out stuff sit on your floor put 4 baskets and a black bag in front of you, 1 is for recycling, 2nd to donate, 3rd for stuff you have no clue what to do with (get help with this),  4th to keep and the black bin bag for rubbish. its easy as pie once you get a system set stick some music on and rock out while you tidy.

once you have done that go to town with making your space personal, some lights flowers anything that makes your space relaxing.

 It maybe 7 months into the year but here’s to the new me.

check out my blog for more posts to follow.




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