Travel and belonging

I've always wanted to travel and see the world for as long as I can remember.  As I get older the more places I want to see grows, In this sense I'm very different to a lot of my family they are home birds happy to never travel far from "home". As a photographer traveling... Continue Reading →


Sprouting a life

I haven't written a post in ages and why I honestly don't know. I need to write my brain is everywhere, it's a mess! I have never felt this urge before so strong, the urge to change my life change everything about me. Start fresh its true that every 7 years you change, and between... Continue Reading →

Fluid love

Gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual is just a few labels for people's sexual orientation, I identify as a bisexual lesbian, only because I've dated guys in the past otherwise I would identify as a full on lesbian. Are these a man-made description? Does sexual orientation really exist? Personally I feel that it does not... Continue Reading →


One day

One day One day I will be free One day I will feel true happiness One day life will be great One day I'll stop lying One day life will be sunny One day the chains will be cut One day nothing will matter One day One day my life will begin One day I... Continue Reading →


Be proud Be you

This post will take references from my last one check it out before you read this one I ended my last post saying " I'm not straight but I'm not ready to admit that I am gay yet." and im sat here thinking didn't I just admit that I'm gay, and at that time not... Continue Reading →


Sexuality in shoes

  All my previous straight relationships, didn't fit me. Its like shoe shopping you see a cute pair of shoes from a distance they are perfect, you go to try them on and they don't fit to small, but you try to squeeze into them, but no matter how hard you try they wont fit... Continue Reading →


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