Be proud Be you

This post will take references from my last one check it out before you read this one I ended my last post saying " I'm not straight but I'm not ready to admit that I am gay yet." and im sat here thinking didn't I just admit that I'm gay, and at that time not... Continue Reading →


Sexuality in shoes

  All my previous straight relationships, didn't fit me. Its like shoe shopping you see a cute pair of shoes from a distance they are perfect, you go to try them on and they don't fit to small, but you try to squeeze into them, but no matter how hard you try they wont fit... Continue Reading →

Why I am writing again

I have been thinking all day about how to write this blog and what to say. I have written blogs before I have another blogging account but I never really use it, and I think to myself why, and then it hit me. People know me on that account who I am, what I look... Continue Reading →


This is the excerpt for your very first post.


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